Ready for Occupancy
Unit where you can move in anytime you want. That is, after completing the paperwork and settling the payment.

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Unit being sold before its completion, during its construction while paying on its down payment. These mean that the property still does not exist.

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Advantages :
1. Property is already built and existing.
2. Buyer can move in immediately after purchase.
3. Amenities are readily available.

Disadvantages :
1. Requires higher cash out.
2. Most of the best or prime locations are already taken.
3. Home improvements and renovations will be an added cost.
Advantages :
1. Low introductory price and flexible payment schemes.
2. More selections of available.
3. You can customize the unit according to your preferences.

Disadvantages :
1. Finished unit does not meet your expectation.
2. Failure of full completion and delay in turnover.
3. Getting the service of a corrupt broker.
Recommendations :
1. Ask the residents about the pros and cons of living there.
2. Get pre-approved from a financing institution if you need a home loan .
3. Deal with a licensed broker or verified sales agent .
4. Visit the condo or village of your choice and tour the building and amenities.
Recommendations :
1. Buy only from and invest in reputable developers who have a long and solid history of delivering quality properties on time.
2. Get the services of a licensed and registered broker to guide you in the process of buying a pre-selling.
3. Pick a location that will potentially become a business district.