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Recognized Monthly Salary of Freelancers and Informal Workers by PAG-IBIG FUND

Option if not qualified | Other income as Engagement MICRO ENTREPRENEURS (P5,700.00) Sari-Sari Store/Mini Groceries Requirements : Brgy Certificates Clearance/Business Permit Mayor’s Permit Boundary/Monthly base payment drivers (FX/PUV/School Service) Requirements: Driver’s License (Professional) OR/CR Franchise in the name of the Operator/Owner Rolling Store/Sidewalk/Food/Toys Vendor/Shoes/Umbrella/Bags Repair Requirements: Brgy Certificate Clearance Direct Sellers (Frozen Foods/Cosmetics/Dry Goods) Requirements:…

Single Attached VS Single Detached

Single Attached Shares a firewall with another house Maximizes the lot space Less expensive Single Detached Sits in the middle of the lot Suitable for big lots with all-around fence More expensive